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Help with keys locked in car Doncaster.

Locked keys in your car in Doncaster?

If you’ve accidentally locked your keys in your car, don’t stress I can open your car without any damage and get you mobile again.

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Lost car keys replacement Doncaster.

Lost Car Key Replacement Doncaster

If you’ve lost your car keys? Not a problem, I can make you a new key at a fraction of the cost of your main dealer, what’s more, you won’t need to wait 5 days, I’ll make it on-site in no time at all. So if you need new car key replacement in Doncaster, Call Now


Car key programming Doncaster

Car Key Programming Doncaster

If your car keys are not working correctly or you need a new key? Then the chances are you will need your key re-programming. I carry a vast stock of transponders so I can re-program your key whilst you wait.

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Emergency auto locksmith Doncaster.

Emergency Auto Locksmith Doncaster

Locked out, lost car keys, keys won’t work or you’ve locked the keys in your car by accident? Then it’s time to call Quick Auto Lock & Key. I can be with you quickly and get you back on the road with perfect working keys.


Spare car keys Doncaster.

Spare Car Keys Cut In Doncaster

If you only have one key for your car or van? Then you should seriously think about getting a spare. If you ever lose your key or it stops working then it will be much more expensive and inconvenient for you. Also if you px your car the dealer will knock hundreds of pounds off the price.


Commercial auto locksmiths Doncaster

Commercial Auto Locksmiths

PX with only one key, mislaid or damaged keys, or need to gain entry to one of your cars? I am pleased to offer my auto locksmith services to trade and commercial customers. Fast on-site response 24/7.



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If you’re locked out of your car you will want a trusted, reliable Auto Locksmith in Doncaster who can get to you quickly. My average arrival time is 20 minutes from your call. Once there, I will have you safely back in your vehicle in no time. I live locally, so I’m always close by.

If you need a friendly and efficient emergency auto locksmith in Doncaster call now.

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For emergency service, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you.

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About Quick Auto Lock & Key

Dependable Auto Locksmith

I’m your Local Doncaster Auto Locksmith, I will always offer the most competitive and cost effective service to get you on your way.

Quick, Reliable Service

Fast 20 Minutes Response. I’m always close by so I can get to you quickly. Call now to get you back on the road without the drama.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being one of highest five star rated auto locksmith in Doncaster you can rest assured that you will only receive the best service & products available. No upfront charge, you only pay when your totally satisfied.


Do I need to bring my car to you?

No. As a mobile auto locksmith, I carry all the tools I need in my fully stocked van, including programmers, key cutting machines, spare keys, and transponders.
On a daily basis, I make and program new and replacement keys for a whole variety of cars & vans in my mobile workshop. Having this service will not only save you hundreds of pounds compared to main dealers but also the inconvenience of having to leave your car with them (up to a week in most cases). With the service I provide, you will have the use of your car the very same day.

Will my locks need changing?

No. Unlike having friends, or some of the well-known roadside assistance companies trying to gain entry to your car by sliding objects through gaps in the windows with the chance of damage, I will gain entry by picking the lock and causing no damage, and your original keys will work perfectly after I have retrieved them from inside the car.

Can you make a new key if I’ve lost mine?

Yes. If you have lost or had your car key stolen, I can pick and decode your lock, then make a new key and program it so it works like your original. Unlike main dealers who normally have to send off for a new key which can take on average at least a week, I will do it on-site, so you can drive away after my visit.

How much does an auto locksmith cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there’s a lot of variables to take into account. Is it a simple lock pick to retrieve keys locked in the vehicle. Or do I need to decode the lock, cut a replacement key, go on the internet to retract a code, and reprogram the new key? How far do I need to travel and what time of day, as the middle of the night will be more expensive than 10am on a Tuesday morning? I will always aim to do the work at the most competitive price and give an estimate of the cost prior to commencing any work. What I can guarantee is that it will be far cheaper than your main dealer.

What’s the most common callout for an auto locksmith?

By far the most common call is for keys locked in the boot or on the back seat of the car. You come back to the car pop the boot drop the shopping or golf clubs in the boot along with the keys slam the boot shut, then doh you realise what you have done. The good news is, I can usually get to you in around 20 minutes and get your car open, so you should be on your way before the frozen food starts to defrost.

What is cloning?

Cloning is simply replicating an existing key. As far as the car computer is concerned, it believes there is only one key when you may have two or even more. You can clone some keys without having to plug into the car. This is a cheaper way to replace lost keys, but it does not protect you from those lost keys being used should someone else find them and want to steal your car. Making new keys that are uniquely programmed to your vehicle gives you the option of deleting the old keys, in exactly the same way you would put a stop on a lost credit card.

Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys

Ever had that sinking feeling when you realise you have lost your keys? How am I going to get home, or to work in the morning? Worse still, your house keys may be in your car, so you can’t even get into your home.

No need to worry or panic, this can be sorted quickly without any fuss.

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Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

If you have lost your car keys or need a spare car key it’s not just simply buying a key and it working. You will need it programmed and in most cases the lock decoding so it works in the lock.

If you go to your car dealer they will have to order the key and the lock code, which usually takes around a week or even two in some cases, then you will need to leave your car with them for the day, if you have lost your keys you will need to arrange transportation of your car to the dealer.

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Locked Out Of Your Car?

Locked Out Of Your Car?

Got back to your car, arms full of shopping drop it in the boot, click the boot is shut and you realise that your one and only set of car keys are in the boot along with the shopping?
The first thing you do is panic, when you don’t need to, because a good auto locksmith can have your car open in minutes. That means you can get your keys back and be on your way.

If you call me I can be with you in approximately 20 minutes, as I’m never far away.

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