Replacement Car Keys Doncaster

Car Key Replacement Doncaster

Lost car key replacment Doncaster

Lost Car Key Replacement

If you’re unfortunate enough to lose your car keys it can be a very stressful time, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Quick Auto Locks can gain entry to your car, decode the lock, make a replacement key and program it so you have full access to your vehicle again.

Auto Locksmith Near Me

I am always near by and can usually get to you in around 20 minutes. So if you find you have lost or misplaced your keys and need a quick response at a fraction of your main dealers price, call now.

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Locksmith for replacement car keys

Dealer or Auto Locksmith?


I guarantee that you will pay more from your main dealers than you will Quick Auto Locksmith Doncaster. Main dealers are renowned to be the most expensive option for any work done on your vehicle, just a simple oil change costs far more than a independent garage, so imagine how much more it’s going to cost for something specialist like the reprogramming of a key.


If you are considering using a main dealer, you will firstly have to get your car to them, which in the event of losing your keys would involve the cost of a recovery truck taking your car to them, as you can’t get in the vehicle. You could be without your car or van for up to a week whilst they order a key (or phone me to open and program a key for them).

If you call me, your local auto locksmith, I will come to you at home or work, supply a new programmed key without any hassle and at a fraction of the cost.  I am also available out of normal working hours, so you will have no waiting time.


Many people have the idea that main dealers will have the equipment to carry the work out in their workshop. This is not the case, auto locksmiths carry everything they need in their mobile workshops, so are far better equipped to deal with your problem at the roadside. Main dealers usually have to send off to have these jobs done; I often get calls from garages to do the work for them, then the dealer will put his margins on top, so you will end up paying far more than coming to me directly.

Car opening Doncaster.

Car Opening Doncaster

If you’ve locked your van or car keys inside a vehicle in Doncaster I can help quickly. I can open your car without damage, so you can retrieve your keys and be on your way.

With today’s modern cars it’s easy to accidentally close the door and your car to lock itself with your keys inside. Don’t panic, just call me and I will be with you in no time and open your car for you, unlike the AA or RAC who will try to bend your car door to slide a reach tool inside, which could course damage your vehicle. I will pick the lock open so you can continue to use it afterwards, as no damage will be caused to your car, or lock.

Auto Locksmith Near Me

Your Local Doncaster Locksmith

If you’ve lost your keys in Doncaster, or locked the keys inside your car or van, you don’t want to be calling an auto locksmith in Sheffield or Rotherham. I am based and live in Doncaster and can be with you in 20 mins emergency locksmith situation you may have.

If you need an ‘Auto Locksmith Near Me’ Call Now.

Replacement car keys Doncaster.

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